WhatsApp Chatbots

Sending reminder and confirmation WhatsApp messages

A straightforward WhatsApp chatbot could assist in automatically sending the visitors a confirmation and reminder without running the danger of her account being blocked. An interactive button for guests to reply to can also be sent by the chatbot.

Improving marketing campaigns and advertising opportunities

A lot of businesses use WhatsApp chatbots to promote their products and services such as upcoming events, new arrivals, new services, new offers/discounts to their customers globally. The WhatsApp chatbot platform helps businesses to offer personalized recommendations to customers by analyzing their historical data and previous purchases.


Also, companies can send monthly newsletters and promotional notifications to the customers who have signed up for it. By using WhatsApp chatbot integration, a business can automate repetitive marketing tasks, helping the sales and marketing teams focus more on generating leads.

Enhanced customer service

The WhatsApp chatbot platform is designed in such a way that it is integrable with CRM, ERP, and various other business systems and enables seamless communication between businesses and customers. Creating a WhatsApp chatbot can help enterprises in performing a variety of tasks such as – Sending reminders, alerts, and notifications, Responding to customers’ complaints and queries in real-time, Helping customers to explore product catalog, Sending updates on the ticket status and resolution, Gathering customer feedback and more.

Website Chatbots

Chat widget for Chatbot

Customize chat interactions for web and mobile. Provide Contextual support in an automated and efficient way.

Connect with your website visitor

Chat widget is ready-to-use chat window you can quickly customize and add to your website.

Boost engagement with an AI chatbot

Engage with visitor and never miss a chance to interact with your potential clients.

Support visitor around the clock

Provide Instant and relevant answers, even outside of working hours.